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High Energy – A Dramatic Impact For Any Event!

Tamashii was founded by Liz Walters in the year 2000. ‘Tamashii’ in Japanese literally means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ – the purest, rawest expression from deep within the soul or spirit. It is an open and honest expression of the ‘here and now’.

The Group has performed at many private and public high profile events around the UK. Recent performance venues include The Purcell Room and Westminster Abbey in London

Tamashii perform exciting and energetic traditional and contemporary pieces using a variety of traditional Japanese rhythms which are highly energetic and dynamically choreographed. The players, whilst maintaining the intensity within the tight rhythmic unison, are allowed to explode into their own unique and colourful solos throughout the songs. The combination of uniformity and the individual freedom of expression is what give Tamashii its strength as a team and character as a performance group.

Taiko brings a highly visual and powerful addition to any festivals, theatres, private functions and promotional events.

The Group have touched the hearts of many people, showing that Taiko is not merely drumming, but an emotion that the whole body and mind can experience.

Tamashii have helped to promote Taiko as a performance art and continue to bring inspiration and cultural celebration through their energetic and dynamic performances

Today’s audience can expect to see an explosive, visually exciting and highly dynamic performance from this Troupe! 



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