Taiko Workshops

We can organise one day, weekend and longer workshops
Taiko workshops are suitable for:-
  • Those interested in experiencing a ‘taster session’ of Taiko (and perhaps with a possible view to taking classes on a regular basis)
  • Regular Taiko Students who wish to brush up and maintain their basic technique
  • People looking for ways to build up fitness and stamina
  • Those interested in being challenged on different levels (mentally and physically)
  • People who would like to try something that bit ‘different’!
One day workshops consist of the following:-
  • Warm up exercises
  • Zazen Meditation
  • Some background history and information about Taiko, its traditions and a little about Japanese drums & percussion
  • Learning basic Taiko Stance, Posture and Technique
  • Learning 1-2 typical Japanese Taiko base rhythms
  • Learning traditional Taiko rhythmic patterns to layer over the top of the base rhythms
  • Learning words and phrases throughout the day in Japanese (Taiko related)
  • Performance – Culmination of all aspects learnt that day through repetition and enjoyment as a Group
If you would like to organise a workshop or for details of future workshops or to go on our workshops mailing list, please email info@taikoschool.com

Feedback from previous One Day Taiko-School Workshop Participants

workshop tuition

“Liz Walter’s Taiko Workshops strike exactly the right balance between honouring the ancient Taiko traditions and having stonking good fun. She is a genuine but persistent teacher and her love of the culture suffuses her encouraging and empowering approach. Liz and her assistant Manuel – who models the stance and the moves impeccably – make an ideal teaching team. You will emerge “exhilerausted” and inspired after the fully- participative finale.” Steve Hill, Drum Circle


“I have now attended two of Liz’s workshops and found them not only exhilarating and energetic, but also relaxing. The rhythms we learnt seemed rather complex at first but after being broken down they were easily achievable and sounded really good. Liz’s technique had everyone working hard all day but enjoying every minute of it.” Rolf Neugebaur


“Liz and Manuel gave us all an inspiring glimpse into the world of Taiko drumming. No-one in the group felt like they didn’t have the attention they needed and the pace of the workshop was manageable by everyone, though we were encouraged to push ourselves all the way. The adrenalin was flowing by the end and left everybody wanting more!

TAMASHII manage to strike a balance between fun and friendliness and the discipline needed to tackle a completely new skill. In terms of booking these guys, there were no hitches and everything went like clockwork. I’m always being asked when I’ll be arranging another one! Their performance at the Turner Sims the following day left all speechless. Thanks Liz and Manuel and the Tamashii crew.” Paul K Bickmore, Southampton

“Every part of my mind, my body and my spirit feels exercised and exhausted – It was fantastic!!!” Lynne, Buckinghamshire


For all enquiries and further information please contact
info@taikoschool.com or tel: 07970 134174