Taiko School Regular Classes

Weekly beginners classes

Starting 8 September 2015
Chestnuts Primary School, Black Boy Lane, London N15 3AS details

Monthly Classes

Taiko School hold monthly Classes in Buckinghamshire just outside London for those serious in learning the art of Taiko-Do (The Way of Taiko).

The Classes are intensive, physically and mentally demanding and fun.

We run a Beginner / Intermediate Class on Saturdays and Intermediate / Advanced Class on Sundays once per month.

Students applying for a place will need to be able to commit for a minimum of one year.

These Classes are suitable for age 15+

The classes are 3 hours in duration and include the following:-

Zazenkai – Zazen Meditation

Taiko Form and Technique

Learning and repetition of Japanese Taiko related rhythm words and phrases

Playing traditional Japanese Taiko Ji Uchi (base rhythms) and patterns to form performance pieces

Etiquette (social and spatial)

Taiko is not only about drumming. It is about the inter relationship between player and drum, player and player, player and group. It is about surrendering ones self and one’s ego to the process of learning. It is also about having a respectful and tolerant attitude and manner towards one another.
To learn the art of Taiko-Do takes time, dedication and patience.

Weekly Classes in London

We are presently looking for an appropriate venue to run weekly / bi weekly 1-2 hour Classes in London.

If you would like to sign up early for these Classes, please send an email to info@taikoschool.com as there will be limited places.

If you know of a suitable venue with reasonable Hire cost and space for Taiko storage, do please let us know!

For all enquiries and further information please contact
info@taikoschool.com or tel: 07970 134174