3-5 Day Intensive Taiko Workshops

Taiko School run 3-5 Day Intensive Courses every Summer for different and mixed level players, students and complete beginners.

Intensive Courses are suitable for:-
  • Complete beginners, those will little /no previous Taiko experience (with a good sense of rhythm) who wish to learn Taiko seriously for a short course (with the possibility of taking training further)
  • Students who wish to maintain and brush up their present skills
  • Students who wish to experience a particular/ new style of Taiko (Hokuriku)
  • Drummers/ percussionists wishing to try a new form of drumming
  • Anyone who has a good sense of and enjoys rhythm, interested in the Japanese culture who wishes to be part of a group learning experience

These courses provide the chance to learn & experience the challenging, energetic and dynamic ‘Ad Lib’ style of Taiko from the Hokuriku region, which is situated on the west coast of Japan – famously known for being the “Hotbed of Taiko” – using the traditional Mitsu Uchi Rhythm with secondary pieces of rich, exciting and visual rhythm layered over the top.

The course generally concludes with a Performance Piece played by the Group who have worked hard and consistently together in a challenging, but supportive and encouraging environment

Intensive Courses involve:-
  • Learning, experiencing and understanding ‘Taiko- Do’ (The ‘Way’ of Taiko)
  • Practise of Zazen Meditation
  • Training with Taiko to increase stamina & muscle strength through basic and repetitive Taiko exercises
  • Getting to grips with one of the most challenging of Taiko base rhythms – Mitsu Uchi
  • Learning typical traditional Hokuriku Rhythms (which consists of very particular visual form)
  • Learning how to bring grace, fluidity and strength into Taiko playing
  • Learning how it feels to play as part of a group (large and small) on a much deeper level

For details of further workshops or to go on our workshops mailing list, please email info@taikoschool.com

Feedback from previous 5 Day Taiko School Workshop Participants

“My fondest Tamashii Taiko workshop memory: At the end of our stay, we were privileged to give a Taiko performance in the garden of a Bucks pub, in front of a lot of strangers indulging in their lagers. I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed, proud and happy at the same time.”

Tiffany Reading, San Francisco

“Liz is one of most (if not the most) inspiring Taiko instructors on the globe.  And I’ve taken many a workshop from around the world.  Her Tamashii Taiko workshops are amazing and I highly encourage anyone and everyone to take one of them.  Liz has an uncanny ability of catering to both the newbie’s and the experienced drummers.  Now that the American dollar is crap, maybe it’s time to go back!” Steve Goldberg, Oakland CA

“I have done workshops and played with Tamashii Taiko. I have to say Liz Walters is THE greatest Teacher. Her students are so warm and welcoming the minute you walk in the door.(for people coming for workshops outside of the UK like I did.) I came from France to do a workshop with her at her annual Summer Camp. I didn’t however meet Liz in the UK but rather at an International Course she co-teaches in Japan. I also attend regular workshops she gives in Italy. I will follow her anywhere!!”

Karen Zeidan, Nice, France

For all enquiries and further information please contact
info@taikoschool.com or tel: 07970 134174