Public Workshops & Classes

Weekly beginners classes

Starting 8 September 2015
Chestnuts Primary School, Black Boy Lane, London N15 3AS details

One Day Workshops UK

Try a One Day Workshop to experience a taste of Japanese Taiko Drumming or re practise the basic and fundamental techniques of Taiko. Intensive, physically challenging, mentally stimulating and above all, immensely fun.

3-5 Day Intensive Workshops UK (residential/ non residential)

For Beginner to Intermediate Level over a period of a few days, we facilitate Intensive Workshops to take you to the next level.

International Course Japan

Once a year, inside a custom built Taiko Centre (Dojo) in a wooded valley outside Fukui, under the guidance of Taiko Master Kurumaya-Sensei, International Students (Beginner & Intermediate level) are invited to come to learn, experience and deepen their awareness of Taiko in the heart of Japan.

Fully equipped with a complete range of Taiko drums, and capable of taking classes up to 20 people, it is a superb facility.

In this secluded, dedicated and supportive atmosphere, the Kurumaya Taiko Dojo is designed to inspire and deepen the mental, physical and spiritual awareness of Taiko-Do (The Way of Taiko)

Regular Classes

Regular Classes are held once monthly in Buckinghamshire. These Classes are only for those who are serious about learning the art of Taiko-Do (The Way of Taiko).

We will be holding regular weekly/ bi weekly Taiko Classes in London once we have a regular venue.

For all enquiries and further information please contact or tel: 07970 134174